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    4715 miles sailed

    (Posting here as well as Steam forums)
    It’s been a scorcher (very hot and humid) of a day here and I can’t sleep so I wanted to give back a little to the community. Therefore, I have started a video tutorial series. I do this with some hesitation as I am not as good a skipper as some here. I also know there may be errors and things I’ve left out and I have on purpose started without some terminology and technical aerodynamic details. But as this series progresses I hope to add some of these details, learn more myself and help others become better skippers. I’m also going to link other external video’s to these so that people can learn from real sailing video’s too … Criticism welcome, just make it positive 😉

    So Far:
    1. Interface and map
    2. Waypoint system
    3. First Sail, putting up the main and the jib and using the trim tab to help trim the sails.

    Future: (more technical)
    3.5 Aerodynamics and points of Sail ?
    4. Main Sail trim in more detail. Cunningham, Outhaul etc
    5. Fore Sail trim and changing sails.
    6. Tacking, Gybing and Finding speed maybe using some polar diagrams(?).
    6. Basics of looking at wind ( to plot am efficient course.
    7. Short race guide. VMG, tacking, starts etc
    8. Long race guide. Wind, tactics, strategy.
    9. Advanced topics in real world sailing ???? Cruising and comforts.

    Any suggestions welcome and I’m sorry but I will move this to the guides section after I get some suggestions. Sorry but there will be a double thread.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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