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    Dear all,
    My understanding of the auto navigate feature was that the ship continues to sail after I quit the game. I have set the mode to keep course (the 1st icon in the list of four), so that the ship tries to steer at the same heading regardless of AWA and TWA. In the options menu I have selected “Auto navigate, sheet sails, change sail size” (something like that).
    This is how it was when I quit the game last night. When I checked this morning, the boat was in the exact same location where I had signed off.

    Am I missing something?



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    I have detected problems with the auto navigation options too, when i´m offline and login again. For example, sailing next to a friend´s boat at a distance lower of 0,1 nm with the same travel route, course and auto navigation option. I can see in my next login how the distance between boats is 50 nm. Can someone explain me it? This is a really problem for large duration oceanic regattas.


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    Я пробовал оставлять в автоматическом режиме – только навигацию. Курс держит хорошо. Но в режиме соревнования Берингов пролив – скорость с 6 узлов когда я онлайн уменьшается до 3-4 когда я оффлайн. Причем впоследствии в сообщениях и скорость ветра в этом соревновании уменьшается хотя как только я захожу в игру она тут же растет. Надеюсь это исправят. В других соревнованиях на 3-4 часа после прокладки курса яхта идет как положено в любом варианте автопилота.

    I tried to leave in automatic mode – only navigation. The course keeps well. But in the competition mode Bering Strait – speed from 6 knots when I online decreases to 3-4 when I’m offline. And later in the reports and the speed of the wind in this competition is reduced although as soon as I enter the game it immediately grows. Hopefully this will be fixed. In other competitions for 3-4 hours after laying the course, the yacht as it should in any variant of the autopilot.

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    Richard Parker
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    This is pretty frustrating.

    For the past week, I’ve been charting a course along the Gulf Coast from Galveston, TX to the Florida Keys without incident. Last night, I logged on and where my boat should have been traveling along my nav line in a southeasternly direction it was way off course, headed due west and about to run straight into the Everglades. I quickly changed course and reset the nav line to take it back out into the Gulf before turning southeast again in a line towards the Keys. Then I went to bed. This morning, I wake up and it’s about to crash into Cuba and cause an international incident.

    This is very strange to me because prior to yesterday, I’d had no issues with the offline navigation excepting minor deviations here and there from my nav line. I’m wondering if this is due to some mistake that I am making, the wind or a bug in the game.

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