Development Roadmap

Sailaway is a huge project with a small team but with help from its community we are determined to make the best sailing simulator there is!

During early access it is important to us that we share what we can about features we have in mind or are currently working on, this page will give the community a snapshot of what we are working on and when it is completed.   This roadmap combined with updates on our FORUM and BLOG should help keep players as updated as possible on our journey to the full release.

Builds that include critical bug fixes will be released more regularly than builds with major feature additions.


Feature Status Notes
More Challenges In Development The team are working on adding challenges on an ongoing basis.
More Tutorials In Development There is plenty of things left to teach so we will continue to expand the available tutorials.
More Boats In Development Work has begun on Catamaran yacht, we will share more information when we can but the boat creation process is a fairly long one.

World Improvements

Features Status Notes
Tidal water levels and currents Awaiting Development Sailaway is all about the detail so we want to make the oceans have as much as possible.
Improved Night Sky Awaiting Development The night sky could do with some additions, such as adding the main planets.
Improved Visuals Awaiting Development A visual lick of paint is always welcome, we will be looking at improving effects and general look at feel.
Improved Audio Awaiting Development Audio could benefit from increased variation so we will look to improve this.
Improved Land Masses Awaiting Development This is a huge task with the size of the game but we know land masses don't look great in a lot of areas and while boats and land don't usually mix it would be nice to get this looking as good as we (realistically) can.
Improved Height Map Data Awaiting Development The ocean data in Sailaway has been modelled as accurately as most data allows but there will always be places that aren't quite right so we will need to manually adjust these as they are found.
Increase Buoy Data Awaiting Development There are alot of buoys out there in the world and most are recorded somehow, we plan to import what we can into Sailaway.

Community Features

Features Status Notes
Spectator Mode Awaiting Development Races in Sailaway are going to be popular and we would love to allow people to have a proper a spectator view.
Steam Achievements Awaiting Development We know Steam users will want achievements, these will come. We will likely build these into the game so that non-Steam users also get them.
Player Created Races Awaiting Development We need to work on our server tools so that we can open up race creation to the community.
Player Created Challenges Awaiting Development We need to work on our server tools so that we can open up challenge creation to the community.
Player Created Tutorials Awaiting Development We need to work on our server tools so that we can open up tutorial creation to the community.
Leaderboards Complete Leaderboard data is now displayed in game!
Player Rewards Complete Players can now receive badges as rewards for certain events that display on their profile and boat.

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