Development Roadmap

Sailaway is a huge project with a small team but with help from its community we are determined to make the best sailing simulator there is!

During early access it is important to us that we share what we can about features we have in mind or are currently working on, this page will give the community a snapshot of what we are working on and when it is completed.   This roadmap combined with updates on our FORUM and BLOG should help keep players as updated as possible on our journey to the full release.

Builds that include critical bug fixes will be released more regularly than builds with major feature additions.


Last update: 10th October 2017



Feature Status Notes
More Tutorials Complete All currently planned tutorials are implemented.
More Boats In Development The 50' Performance cruiser is now live! A new boat is underway, news soon.
More Boat Customisation In Development 6 new liveries are now live, plus more gennaker customisation.

World Improvements

Feature Status Notes
Improved Visuals In Development A visual lick of paint is always welcome, we will be looking at improving effects and general look at feel.
Bring sea-life to the ocean In Development Some of this sea-life is already implemented (seagulls, dolphins & whales), more to come!
Improved Audio In Development Some audio has already been upgraded, further improvements will be looked at.
Music Complete Music has now arrived to the game!
Improved Height Map Data In Development We have now found a way to import real-world chart data into our version of the world, once this import process is complete it should make our data far more accurate.
Navigational Lights Complete Navigation lights are part of the game.

Community Features

Feature Status Notes
Steam Achievements Complete Steam achievements are now live!
Player Created Races In Development A limited number of community members have access to the race creation system and are creating races, feedback from these members is helping us to improve this system.
Leaderboards Complete Leaderboard data is now displayed in game!
Player Rewards Complete Players can now receive badges as rewards for certain events that display on their profile and boat.

Other Improvements

Feature Status Notes
Controller Support In Development We want to enable support for popular controllers so allow more varied ways to play Sailaway.
More Hotkeys In Development This are now live but testing and feedback is ongoing to work out the issues that come with such a feature.
Waypoint Improvements In Development We want to make it quicker to edit and plan new voyages.
New Server In Development The Sailaway server needs a new home, the transition to a new server will happen before the end of early access.

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