Weekly Races – Win special badges by revisiting our top long races!

Hello Pioneers, Here are the last weekend races for the Early Access version of Sailaway! To celebrate we thought it’d be fun to revisit the three most popular weekend long races. Additionally, we have have special limited edition completion badges for you to win and pin on your boats. These races overlap each other, but …Continue reading

Sailaway is leaving early access next week!

Hello Pioneers! We’re excited to announce that Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator, will leave Early Access on February 27th – that’s this time next week! The short run in Early Access allowed for major additions to be tested, balanced and tweaked before official launch and your help has been instrumental in this. Thank you all for …Continue reading

Weekend Races – Sail the waters between America and Russia

Hello Pioneers, Here are this weekend’s races!   Diomede Islands Long Race Saturday 17th February – 18:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 11:00 PDT / (Sunday 18th) 03:00 JST Est Distance: 110 NM Est Time: 22 hours Weather report: 🌦 More detail[on.windy.com] We’re going back and forth between America and Russia via the Diomede Islands, watch …Continue reading

Weekend Races – A trio of races to test your sailing skills with

Hello Pioneers! Here are this weekend’s races! If you’ve been creating your own races, post the name of your favourites in the comments so others can look for them.   Cyclades Long Race Saturday 10th February – 10:00 UTC / 11:00 CET / 02:00 PST / 19:00 JST Est Distance: 155 NM Est Time: 31 …Continue reading

Weekend Races – Three fun races to kick off February

Hello Pioneers! Here are this weekend’s races! If you’ve been creating your own races, post the name of your favourites in the comments so others can look for them!   Stewart Island Long Race Saturday 3rd February – 02:00 UTC / 03:00 CET / (Friday 2nd) 18:00 PST / 11:00 JST Est Distance: 130 NM …Continue reading

Weekend Races – Team up for one of our weekend races or make your own!

Hello Pioneers! Here are this weekend’s races! If you missed yesterday’s update, we opened up the race creation system to EVERYONE! Why not give it a spin if the races below don’t take your interest? You can find everything you need to get started on our website here: https://www.sailawaysimulator.com/player-created-races/ You can also race in teams now! …Continue reading

Sailaway Update V.0.9.035 – Race creation is now open to everyone, Race Teams and some bug fixes!

Hello Pioneers! Player Created Races has been a feature tested by a small group of dedicated players for a while now and they have been busy creating all manner of races for players to enjoy.   Player Created Races From today we are opening up the system used to create these races to all Sailaway …Continue reading

Weekend Races – Design a new boat livery and come race with us this weekend!

Hello Pioneers! Here are this weekend’s races! You’ll see from the update yesterday that we’ve fixed some issues with the Livery system, so why not dress your boat in one of the great designs in the Steam Workshop or make your own to race in!   Canary Islands Long Race Saturday 20th January – 10:00 UTC / …Continue reading

Sailaway Update V.0.9.030 – More stats, more sail data and extra boat instances!

Hello Pioneers! It has been great to see all the creations you have been sharing on our new Steam Workshop, we have been very impressed with the designs so far so keep up the good work! Some of you may of noticed that others might not be seeing your creations (even though it looks fine …Continue reading

Sailaway Update V.0.9.028 – New Boat & Steam Workshop support for boat customisation is live!

Hello Pioneers! This update brings two big new features to the world of Sailaway, the first is a brand new boat and the second is integration of Steam Workshop to allow players to create and share their boat customisation with others. New Boat – Nordic Folkboat The goal with this new boat was to create …Continue reading

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