Sailaway brings all the world’s oceans to the comfort of your PC or Mac for you to experience the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!

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Sailaway is a big sailing simulation and has a lot to offer, to find out all about it please visit our features page!

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Latest Event Results

  • Faroe Islands Long Race

    A long trip around these famous islands, the wind is set to change mid-race so keep an eye on the forecast!

    Est Distance: 150 NM
    Est Time: 30 hours

    1Pacific Seacow20h. 30m. 5s.Mini Transat
    2Trouser Chaos20h. 44m. 9s.Mini Transat
    3Patrick7011921h. 24m. 56s.Mini Transat
    4Matt50121h. 37m. 19s.Mini Transat
    5Šime21h. 42m. 13s.Mini Transat
    6Yakko Warner22h. 12m. 40s.Mini Transat
    7Glen22h. 22m. 41s.Mini Transat
    8Practical Tangent22h. 23m. 53s.Mini Transat
    9SunburnNN22h. 26m. 35s.Mini Transat
    10Tangfastic22h. 36m. 10s.Mini Transat
    11Trinian22h. 50m. 20s.Mini Transat
    12PeppersGhost23h. 13m. 50s.Mini Transat
    13PaRraX23h. 47m. 57s.Mini Transat
    14Nicox1d. 0h. 6m. 55s.Mini Transat
    15Hamtero1d. 0h. 35m. 45s.Mini Transat
    16HerrJemine1d. 2h. 18m. 46s.Mini Transat
    17Ratline1d. 3h. 16m. 33s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    18Desulishor1d. 3h. 20m. 9s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    19Tsyal1d. 3h. 23m. 24s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    20GANK1d. 4h. 36m. 43s.Mini Transat
    21Royal-PR1d. 5h. 17m. 48s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    22Quadpus1d. 7h. 44m. 57s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    23John Fuccman1d. 13h. 1m. 49s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    24Edward Thatch1d. 14h. 39m. 42s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    25XUXUI2d. 0h. 27m. 14s.Mini Transat
    26Moggy-Mini Transat
    27Storm Petrel, Jr.-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    28Haramir-Mini Transat
    29lass Desperados-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    30VilleP-Mini Transat
    31Jérém C-Mini Transat
    32Mr_Whippy-Mini Transat
    33peter-Mini Transat
    34Chris Sailability-Mini Transat
    35Jaureguiberry-Mini Transat
  • Little Andaman Medium Race

    A there-and-back course across the smaller of the Andaman Islands.

    Est Distance: 60 NM
    Est Time: 12 hours

    1Nomad8h. 55m. 53s.Mini Transat
    2paul_chancey9h. 0m. 52s.Mini Transat
    3Captain Doogs9h. 2m. 46s.Mini Transat
    4Checker10h. 44m. 13s.Mini Transat
    5DiscoInfidel-Mini Transat
    6StormBoy-Mini Transat
    7ChrisMorrisNZ-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    8Chris Sailability-Mini Transat
  • Kauai Island Short Race

    A short course off the northern most island of Hawaii

    Est Distance: 5 NM
    Est Time: 50 mins

    1elpatron37m. 57s.
    2CocoRhum38m. 5s.
    3peter38m. 11s.
    4Japo_7638m. 50s.
    5Royal-PR38m. 51s.
    6phat.one39m. 36s.
    7Lukas Chaloupka39m. 39s.
    8Defenestrator40m. 4s.
    9Niipe40m. 38s.
    10Brohannes Brahms40m. 39s.
    11Šime40m. 40s.
    12Nicox41m. 10s.
    13PejoTech41m. 36s.
    14rich10021143m. 22s.
    15Mercator44m. 6s.
    18The Monk-
    19lass Desperados-

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