Sailaway brings all the world’s oceans to the comfort of your PC or Mac for you to experience the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!

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What is Sailaway?

Sailaway is a big sailing simulation and has a lot to offer, to find out all about it please visit our features page!

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Latest Official Event Results

Running 20th-21st January (Click HERE for details)

  • Canary Islands Long Race

    A race around the beautiful islands of the Canarias.

    Est Distance: 170 NM
    Est Time: 34 hours

    1Nomad23h. 8m. 4s.50' Performance Cruiser
    2The Dane23h. 52m. 25s.50' Performance Cruiser
    3TommyCods1d. 0h. 34m. 48s.50' Performance Cruiser
    4Orbiter1d. 0h. 36m. 45s.50' Performance Cruiser
    5Pacific Seacow1d. 0h. 41m. 26s.50' Performance Cruiser
    6XoorbeS [POL]1d. 0h. 57m. 25s.50' Performance Cruiser
    7Harald1d. 1h. 14m. 43s.50' Performance Cruiser
    8Gooru1d. 1h. 19m. 49s.50' Performance Cruiser
    9PaRraX1d. 1h. 29m. 41s.50' Performance Cruiser
    10Tsyal1d. 1h. 50m. 9s.50' Performance Cruiser
    11Pti Guy1d. 2h. 32m. 5s.50' Performance Cruiser
    12Quadpus1d. 3h. 4m. 19s.50' Performance Cruiser
    13Le Chef1d. 6h. 42m. 40s.Mini Transat
    14elpatron1d. 7h. 27m. 54s.50' Performance Cruiser
    15Dan Maestro1d. 7h. 28m. 58s.50' Performance Cruiser
    16Luisdeaf1d. 7h. 37m. 9s.50' Performance Cruiser
    17Black SharkN28°35.216' W16°8.263', Hdg: 129°, Spd: 0kn., 4.7nm. to mark 2/350' Performance Cruiser
    18volodin.as1982N28°36.615' W17°55.669', Hdg: 137°, Spd: 0kn., 48.3nm. to mark 1/3Sailaway Cruiser 38
    19Law&OrderN28°50.684' W17°49.684', Hdg: 108°, Spd: 0kn., 56.3nm. to mark 1/350' Performance Cruiser
    20Bruno-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    21klemau84-50' Performance Cruiser
  • Ostrova Chastyye Medium Race

    A race around the shallow waters of the Chastye Islands, be careful cutting the corners or risk running aground!

    Est Distance: 15 NM
    Est Time: 3 hours

    1VitalyN52°25.939' E141°21.275', Hdg: 128°, Spd: 4.4kn., 0.5nm. to mark 4/450' Performance Cruiser
    2leggy boiN52°27.468' E141°19.333', Hdg: 176°, Spd: 0kn., 3nm. to mark 4/450' Performance Cruiser
    3Rafa CarN52°31.45' E141°21.342', Hdg: 273°, Spd: 0kn., 1.6nm. to mark 3/450' Performance Cruiser
    4===Djino===-Mini Transat
  • Cayenne Short Race

    This week we’re off the coast of Cayenne in French Guiana.

    Est Distance: 5 NM
    Est Time: 50 mins

    1Slo MoN4°59.837' W52°16.378', Hdg: 180°, Spd: 0kn., 0.9nm. to mark 2/3
    2The DaneN4°59.88' W52°16.38', Hdg: 180°, Spd: 0.3kn., 1nm. to mark 2/3
    3TsyalN4°59.941' W52°16.388', Hdg: 180°, Spd: 0kn., 1nm. to mark 2/3
    4FinistereForEverN4°59.993' W52°16.365', Hdg: 178°, Spd: 2.5kn., 1.1nm. to mark 2/3
    5FilipN5°0.008' W52°16.378', Hdg: 180°, Spd: 2.2kn., 1.1nm. to mark 2/3
    6spacemankiterN5°0.053' W52°16.349', Hdg: 182°, Spd: 0kn., 1.1nm. to mark 2/3
    7得了毒品N5°0.056' W52°16.357', Hdg: 179°, Spd: 9.5kn., 1.1nm. to mark 2/3
    8Pti GuyN5°0.112' W52°16.388', Hdg: 184°, Spd: 0kn., 1.2nm. to mark 2/3
    9Lukas ChaloupkaN5°0.151' W52°16.356', Hdg: 187°, Spd: 2.2kn., 1.2nm. to mark 2/3
    10mortensmidtN5°0.3' W52°16.308', Hdg: 180°, Spd: 0.7kn., 1.4nm. to mark 2/3
    11MAVERICKN5°0.541' W52°16.385', Hdg: 182°, Spd: 3.6kn., 1.6nm. to mark 2/3

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