Sailaway brings all the world’s oceans to the comfort of your PC or Mac for you to experience the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!

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Sailaway is a big sailing simulation and has a lot to offer, to find out all about it please visit our features page!

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Latest Event Results

  • Penghu Islands Long Race

    We’re off the coast of Taiwan this week with a bit more of a complex long course, let us know if you prefer it!

    Est Distance: 100 NM
    Est Time: 20 hours

    1Calypso16h. 51m. 7s.Mini Transat
    2SunburnNN16h. 54m. 15s.Mini Transat
    3paul_chancey16h. 58m. 24s.Mini Transat
    4Ben East17h. 6m. 1s.Mini Transat
    5Yakko Warner [NZ]17h. 19m. 25s.Mini Transat
    6Ratline17h. 44m. 40s.Mini Transat
    7Daza17h. 52m. 19s.Mini Transat
    8highants18h. 7m. 23s.Mini Transat
    9Matt50120h. 8m. 21s.Mini Transat
    10Practical Tangent20h. 40m. 31s.Mini Transat
    11Chris Sailability20h. 52m. 6s.Mini Transat
    12Slpknot20h. 55m. 0s.Mini Transat
    13ST2 Racing21h. 5m. 38s.Mini Transat
    14Luisdeaf21h. 15m. 14s.Mini Transat
    15Tsyal21h. 38m. 13s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    16DarkAngel21h. 47m. 57s.Mini Transat
    17John Fuccman22h. 11m. 40s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    18superpawn0323h. 45m. 29s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    19Cmdr. Schwarz23h. 49m. 18s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    20MacRory1d. 1h. 16m. 43s.Mini Transat
    21XUXUI1d. 7h. 16m. 39s.Mini Transat
    22Quadpus1d. 20h. 46m. 47s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    23petegreg-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    24cromtheking-Mini Transat
    25Hamtero-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    26Captain Doogs-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    27Rennes-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    28Nomad-Mini Transat
  • San Esteban Island Medium Race

    A quick back-and-forth around this small island off the Mexican coast.

    Est Distance: 15 NM
    Est Time: 3 hours

    1Nomad4h. 11m. 10s.Mini Transat
    2Ben East4h. 14m. 5s.Mini Transat
    3gregman_14h. 14m. 47s.Mini Transat
    4TommyCods4h. 18m. 1s.Mini Transat
    5DiscoInfidel4h. 23m. 16s.Mini Transat
    6Cpt. Schimantzky [AUT]4h. 27m. 14s.Mini Transat
    7superpawn034h. 27m. 18s.Mini Transat
    8Trouser Chaos4h. 32m. 54s.Mini Transat
    9Niipe4h. 33m. 13s.Mini Transat
    10Nemo4h. 35m. 53s.Mini Transat
    11phat.one4h. 36m. 23s.Mini Transat
    12Cedric4h. 39m. 11s.Mini Transat
    13Mr Mustard4h. 42m. 6s.Mini Transat
    14Matt5014h. 43m. 32s.Mini Transat
    15Hamtero4h. 58m. 19s.Mini Transat
    16Edan5h. 2m. 31s.Mini Transat
    17Sime5h. 7m. 57s.Mini Transat
    18paul_chancey5h. 12m. 0s.Mini Transat
    19Mercator5h. 15m. 26s.Mini Transat
    20XUXUI5h. 20m. 36s.Mini Transat
    21Snakman-Mini Transat
    22Luisdeaf-Mini Transat
    23rich100211-Mini Transat
    24Chocos-Mini Transat
    25Jaureguiberry-Mini Transat
  • Corfu Short Race

    Europe is in the middle of a heatwave! Cool off in the crystal clear seas of Greece.

    Est Distance: 5 NM
    Est Time: 50 mins

    1Nomad35m. 58s.
    2Ben East36m. 56s.
    3phat.one37m. 0s.
    4corsaire3137m. 35s.
    5Beathead37m. 52s.
    6Slpknot37m. 52s.
    7peter37m. 58s.
    8Trouser Chaos38m. 49s.
    9Dunworkin38m. 50s.
    10TommyCods38m. 55s.
    11petegreg39m. 0s.
    12PaRraX39m. 2s.
    13Sticks41m. 29s.
    14Macquarie41m. 42s.
    15Sime42m. 5s.
    16dlpayer42m. 57s.
    17Tangfastic45m. 52s.

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