Sailaway brings all the world’s oceans to the comfort of your PC or Mac for you to experience the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!

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What is Sailaway?

Sailaway is a big sailing simulation and has a lot to offer, to find out all about it please visit our features page!

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Latest Event Results

  • South Pacific Long Race

    A race in the middle of nowhere with no land to guide you. Watch out for the big waves and keep an eye on the weather!

    Est Distance: 155 NM
    Est Time: 31 hours

    1T. Mícheál [VDG]22h. 36m. 50s.50' Performance Cruiser
    2The Dane22h. 39m. 52s.50' Performance Cruiser
    3Icarus23h. 1m. 4s.50' Performance Cruiser
    4Sergy09623h. 9m. 38s.50' Performance Cruiser
    5raduadin1d. 0h. 20m. 24s.50' Performance Cruiser
    6Luisdeaf1d. 5h. 22m. 3s.Mini Transat
    7Bigfops1d. 6h. 7m. 35s.Mini Transat
    8Jaureguiberry1d. 6h. 28m. 22s.Mini Transat
    9CageyMoose1d. 6h. 47m. 44s.Mini Transat
    10Matt5011d. 7h. 9m. 29s.50' Performance Cruiser
    11Vitaly1d. 8h. 59m. 23s.50' Performance Cruiser
    12Rats1d. 10h. 28m. 31s.Mini Transat
    13Quadpus1d. 13h. 44m. 54s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    14CocoRhum1d. 15h. 4m. 9s.Mini Transat
    15Ratline1d. 18h. 17m. 58s.Sailaway Cruiser 38
    16Dan Maestro1d. 20h. 17m. 8s.50' Performance Cruiser
    17qingdaoN16°26.97' W131°30.56', Hdg: 128°, Spd: 0kn., 83.8nm. to mark 1/5Sailaway Cruiser 38
    18Cedric-Mini Transat
    19zoomarch-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    20ollitom-50' Performance Cruiser
    21Motabor [Ger]-50' Performance Cruiser
    22Charon-50' Performance Cruiser
    23Daddit B-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    24PaRraX-Mini Transat
  • Insel Fehmarn Medium Race

    A longer race this week around the German island of Fehmarn. The wind is supposed to die down a bit as you go but have your reefs at the ready.

    Est Distance: 30 NM
    Est Time: 6 hours

    1elpatron [40S0]3h. 19m. 12s.50' Performance Cruiser
    2Charon3h. 20m. 56s.50' Performance Cruiser
    3Daddit B3h. 35m. 52s.50' Performance Cruiser
    4Nomad#3h. 43m. 50s.Mini Transat
    5bru223h. 55m. 40s.Mini Transat
    6tipi1144h. 1m. 2s.Mini Transat
    7Joris4h. 3m. 47s.Mini Transat
    8The Dane4h. 25m. 14s.Mini Transat
    9Snakman-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    10olelarsen1414-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    11Bruno-50' Performance Cruiser
    12Fullmoon-Mini Transat
    13Kevin-Sailaway Cruiser 38
    14Fernando ESP-Sailaway Cruiser 38
  • Rapu-Rapu Island Short Race

    This week we’re off the coast of the beautiful island of Rapu-Rapu in the Philippines.

    Est Distance: 5 NM
    Est Time: 50 mins

    2Cedric38m. 59s.
    3Swoop39m. 56s.
    4Lactose The Intolerant41m. 26s.
    5I J DUFF-

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